Little Sparrows

The Boutique For Women and Children

About Me

My name is Jessica Genre I live in a small town in North Dakota, I'm married and have two beautiful little girls. For many years I had thought of starting a boutique. Just never made the jump. After having my girls I noticed that there wasn't really anywhere to get children's clothing where I lived if you didn't drive an hour or more to get to another town. So that's when I decided children's clothing boutique! The name Little Sparrows has a very cool story behind it that I would like to share with you. I was deciding on a name just last summer. Well at that time my daughters and I were taking care of two baby sparrows that had fell out of a tree. We had a cage for them, a heating pad and even made them special food that I fed them using a toothpick. They did very well and got big fast before we new it they were flying around the cage like crazy. It was time for them to go. I held them up and the girls and I said good bye as they flew away. It was an amazing feeling really. That was when it came to me Little Sparrows short and sweet. Well I hope you enjoyed my little story and also if you haven't already please join my group on Facebook that is where a lot of the excitement happens!